Helpful Links

Below are a few links I find useful. This page will update from time to time, so come back and check it out!

Reading With Pictures:

A non-profit organization that also published a graphic textbook. I love their mission: Get more comics into more kids’ hands. They have educator resources, and a ton of helpful stuff for getting started with comics in the classroom.

No Flying, No Tights:

Great resource for people who are unsure about using comics in the classroom. They do a great job reviewing new books, and I often look to them to see what else I could be reading.

Scott Mcloud

Scott Mcloud wrote the book Understanding Comics (a must read), and he is a great resource for the literary theory of comics. A great section is the interactive comics with Carl (great for demonstrating inference in comics).

YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) Graphic Novels List

A good place to go if you are just looking for titles. Not a bad place to start before doing your own research.

Will Eisner Awards

Great place to keep up with current and past winners. Good list of award winning books for the classroom

The Harvey Awards

Another great awards list, but it’s voted on by a ton of industry pros. Another great place to go for award winning books.

Comics in Education

Good place to start if you’re looking for resources. I also highly suggest following them on twitter @teachingcomics

I love Zen Pencils because he takes speeches, poems, and quotes and transforms them into comics. They work great on their own, or even as companion pieces to the traditional literature.

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