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Action Research Synopsis:

The goal of this action research project is to increase student motivation to read by offering graphic novels and supplementing writing with online discussions. The target audience will be a sophomore English class, made up of twenty-nine students at varying skill levels. Pre-implementation, my class average on the district common assessment was 72%, and more than 60% of students expressed that they were not motivated when it came to reading. However, post implementation, my class average on the district common assessment increased to 84%, and motivation to read rose by 15%.



This video teaches students how to annotate comics using Skitch. Skitch is a visual annotation app where users can annotate images and save and share through Evernote.


How to create your own comics using Students can create their own comics using this site as an enrichment assignment.


This video illustrates the difference between tone and mood. This video has already proven to be popular with over 3,000 views. Students and teachers have viewed this very useful tutorial for differentiating between tone and mood.