Essex County: A Review

Here’s a review of Essex County from my partner over at Join the discussion by leaving a comment or reaching out to us on Twitter. I’m @misterwhitaker and he’s @comics_teacher. Happy reading!

Mr. Kallenborn: The Other Comic Book Teacher

Hey, everyone! I’m excited to bring you comic reviews that you can use, whether you are an avid comic reader, new to comics, or want advice about classroom use. We are beginning with an amazing graphic novel: Essex County.


Synopsis: Essex County, created by Jeff Lemire, is the tale of a group of individuals whose lives intersect over the course of almost a century in a small county in Ontario, Canada. The story is emotionally driven, focusing mostly on familial relationships that are developed and broken down over the course of time. While there are some moments that will make you smile, Essex County is real, and real is at times sad and depressing, so get a tissue ready.

Pros (and/or what you can use in the classroom): This story is thought-provoking and intelligent. Anyone that does not believe that graphic novels are a legit art form has to be…

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