Gareth Hinds’ Beowulf: A Review by Eric Kallenborn, The Other Comic Book Teacher

As we gear up for our presentation with Gareth Hinds, here is Eric’s review of Gareth’s Beowulf.

Mr. Kallenborn: The Other Comic Book Teacher

Hey, everyone! As my colleague Ronell Whitaker get ready to present at Denver Comic Con this week with award winning graphic novelist Gareth Hinds, it only makes sense that my review is on one of Gareth’s books. This week’s review will be of Gareth’s Beowulf, adapted from the A.J. Church translation published by Seeley & Co. in 1904.

Yeah, it’s violent…but so is life, and the original Beowulf text.

Synopsis: Do you really need to know the synopsis of Beowulf? It’s over 1,300 years old; where have you been? Beowulf, one of the world’s first super-heroes, comes a great distance to Denmark to help the Danes in the defeat of Grendel, a monster that has been eating dudes for a while. He then goes after Grendel’s mom and ultimately fights a dragon. Pretty cool, right?

Pros (and/or what you can use in the classroom): Beowulf is a classroom staple and…

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