47 Ronin: A Review

My buddy Eric Kallenborn wrote a review for 47 Ronin. Great chance for cross curricular teaching.

Mr. Kallenborn: The Other Comic Book Teacher

“To know this story is to know Japan.”


Hey, everyone! Today, I’m bringing you a review of Dark Horse’s 47 Ronin, a 2014 “Best Limited Series” Eisner Award nominee. With a dream team of writer Mike Richardson, artist Stan Sakai, and editorial consultant Kazuo Koike, 47 Ronin makes noise before you even open the cover.

Synopsis: This is the classic Japanese tale (originated in the early 18th century) of a group of warriors out to seek revenge on the man that ultimately lead to their master’s demise.

Pros (and/or what you can use in the classroom): This is the first book that I have reviewed that I can say with certainty can be taught cross-curricular. This amazingly researched, artistically crafted story can easily find its way into social studies classrooms (And art history classrooms if there is room in the curriculum for Japanese art…because I think it would be super…

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