We Go Forward


we go forward

Correction: Alex just informed me that this is really the work of Shenaningansen over at Owl Turd Comix. I tried to make sure I gave credit to the right person, but…what can I say? I suck. Anyway, I dig 1111comics, but OwlTurd.com has some really funny and cool stuff, too, so go check Shen out over there.


Alex Wronski over at 1111comics.me has shown a penchant for posting webcomics that are irreverent, but sometimes…you get some really deep exploration of the human condition. I love the webcomic format because it’s easily digestible, sometimes self-contained (some of the more gag-of-the-day comics don’t really focus on long-form story-telling), and easily shareable with students.


I love how this strip illustrates (pun intended) how comics can convey so much meaning with really rudimentary visuals, just as well as elaborate prose can.

Please support this artist and other webcomics!

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One thought on “We Go Forward

  1. Hello there, just to be sure – the ‘We go forward’ comic is by Owl Turd and not by 1111 Comics. 1111 Comics created the “Never Give Up” comic as a gift to Owl Turd. Owl Turd and 1111 Comics have some similar themes but quite different deliveries of humor / messages. Owl Turd should definitely get credit for his work though. Sincerely, Alex Wronski (of 1111 Comics)

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