A Chaotic Classroom…

This would be an absolute nightmare for classroom management. Check out our to 10 comics characters we would hate to have in class.

Mr. Kallenborn: The Other Comic Book Teacher

OK, here we go! It’s been a while, and now it’s time to get back in the game. I hope you all have been checking out the awesome reviews coming out of Ronell’s blog at http://www.thecomicbookteacher.com.

As we get close to the end of the first semester, I’d like to start a conversation that might be fun for some of us that have some shady-types in our classrooms. The topic today: comic characters that you would not want to have in your class. Ronell and I will be shouting out ten, and in the end, we’d LOVE to hear which ones you would all like to add to the list! I’ll go first:

E: Batman: typical brooding rich-kid. Batman would not only have EVERY gadget to help him cheat on any exam, but Alfred would be there feeding him answers as well. The flames from the Batmobile would set my…

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