Prioritizing The Pull List

Mr. Kallenborn: The Other Comic Book Teacher

I’ve been getting away from straight forward comic reviews lately; however, I thought I’d drop some titles on you in a little segment that I’m going to call “Prioritizing the Pull List.”

So, when I pick up my comics, which is about once a month, I usually have a fairly large stack waiting for me.  The stack contains all sorts of titles from most of the major publishers.

On the drive home, I excitedly thumb through the stack at stop lights, wondering what I’m going to read first. I make it my priority to read at least 5-7 of the issues I just picked up that evening.  While this list varies from month to month, there are some usual suspects, and this week I’d like to give a shout out to the top 5 titles (in no particular order) that made the cut this past Wednesday, and I’d also like…

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