Sixty Second Review: Twig

I’m seeing lots of people ask me about some of the new releases I’ve been reading lately, so I figured I’d take this opportunity to share some with you.

If you’re looking for a comic that’s accessible and fun but still has a lot of heart and soul, then Twig might be right up your alley. This graphic novel follows the title character as he begrudgingly sets out to save the world. Skottie Young is so good at writing this kind of story where a character travels thru an elaborate fantasy world, but unlike I hate Fairyland where he pulls double duty, Strahm’s art does a great job of standing up to what the story calls for.

Every page is gorgeous and feels like a set piece, and Young’s pacing and wit is on display as usual.

I’m a big fan of Skottie Young’s work (I loved his run on Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon), so I was excited to read this book. And I really enjoyed it!

Kyle Strahm does an amazing job bringing these characters to life on every page, and they look great while doing so! The colors help too, as everything looks bright and vibrant even when things are getting dark or scary. It helps build up tension without having to rely on color schemes alone, which can sometimes make things feel too static or dull.

If you’re a fan of Dark Crystal or Jeff Smith’s Bone, then Twig is a book for you. Great for readers 10 and up!

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